Our Mission

Impactful Digital Marketing's mission is to affordably jolt brands, build online reputations, generate repeat business, draw in new customers, and boost revenues for Local Small Business Owners in the Services & Hospitality Industries who simply don't have the time to grow their businesses.


We know.

You are a Local Small Business Owner that doesn't have the time to market itself and gain new customers.

If you decided to get help so you found 2 things:

1) A Marketing Services Provider said, "Here are all of the tools, but you do it yourself." Like you have the time!!!


2) A Marketing Agency said, "I can help. The price is thousands and thousands of dollars a month." What the heck???

~With Impactful Digital Marketing~

No software to learn. No time is taken away from your business to run campaigns. No outrageous pricing. We do all of the work.

Company History

Like most Americans, IDM's Founders are frequent buyers among Local Small Businesses. As customers, they noticed these businesses had no idea who they were as customers, nor how to contact them, nor how to encourage repeat business. If the founders stopped visiting, they realized they would likely never hear from these businesses again.

After years of working and consulting with Fortune 500 companies, IDM's Founders observed that Small Businesses rarely had any type of formal Marketing Systems in place to proactively boost their businesses due to a lack of time, experience, and resources.

As a result, Impactful Digital Marketing (IDM) was formed in 2021, bringing Affordable Done-For-Your Marketing Services to Local Small Businesses with the invention of its State of the Art "IDM Booster System."


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